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Roller Garage Doors

Your classic resort to security

The classic Australian Roller Garage Doors are widely used in all parts of the continent, especially in Melbourne. From residential to commercial spaces, these doors are capable of providing complete security solutions to your garage.

Now get the garage doors that smartly lock, not only roll and shut.

A roller garage door is available in many varieties depending on its vast applications, but the three main purposes of using the roller garage doors are:

  • Commercial Roller Garage Door:- Best-suited for commercial spaces and warehouses to provide additional security.
  • Residential Roller Garage Door:- Your cars cannot get a safer abode in your home, once you add the roller garage doors to your house structure.
  • Fenceline Roller Garage Door:- Mostly famous for laneways, if you want to add a fancy door to the entrance, this can be a sturdy and simple substitute.

All the roller garage doors in Melbourne by Mcknight Garage Doors are built with ColorBond steel, keeping durability in mind. With minimum supervision and maintenance, these premium steel roller garage doors can endure the toughest weather and natural conditions.

At Mcknight Garage Doors, we also have a wide range of ColorBond colours available, curated for the individual taste that you can match with the overall aesthetic of your residential or commercial space. You can also add several design elements to your roller garage doors to increase their appeal.

Features of Roller Garage Doors

  • Balance and longevity:- The Mcknight Roller Garage Doors are completely balanced with springs that are flexible and allow thousands of door cycles. This makes it convenient to pull and shut numerous times a day, without worrying about the build quality. These are built to last.
  • Rigid and fashionable:- While the Mcknight Roller Garage Doors are sturdy and rigid, they are also fancy, available in a wide range of ColorBond colours. They have a premium quality finish providing you and your family safety and allure, both.
  • For your convenience:- The roller garage doors are completely customisable with smooth door curtains. You can customise them and add more accessories to enhance the security or just the visual appeal as per your preferred colour palette.

The Mcknight Garage Doors team is eager to help you out with all your queries, so connect with them right away and get a free quote too, customised for your requirements.

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