Tilt Garage Doors

The most prominent visual feature of your building, factory or shed is often the garage door. So it makes sense to choose our custom designed tilt garage door because it’s the ideal combination of strength, security and aesthetic appeal. Not enough room in your garage for a sectional or roller door? A lot of older garages can be quite limited in space. The tilted garage doors offer the perfect solution for smaller garages or spaces with restricted side or head room. Our tilt garage doors are fast-opening and easy to operate. Manufactured to fit most garage openings, and easily installed, the tilt garage door offers safety, security and convenience in a wide range of colours and materials.

As tilt garage doors are predominately used in private garages on residential homes or units, factors such as ventilation, strength, security and appearance are important. In a world of choice, we have endeavoured to cover all possible needs with our diverse and innovative product range. The choice of materials is almost as varied as your imagination allows, and commonly includes plywood and moulding, Western Red Cedar, aluminium composite panels, copper sheeting, clear or textured glass/acrylic, and many others.

When Was The Last Time You Had Your Garage Door Serviced?

Having problems with your garage door? At McKnight Garage Doors, we offer complete servicing and repairs to all types of Garage Doors. We provide timely and reliable service, as all work is done by highly-qualified staff.